HPU - T&M Photography of Asheboro


Welcome, High Point University students and parents! Below are your photos organized into galleries. As you already know HPU is paying for one "LinkedIn" image for all students. All participating students will receive their "LinkedIn" image from HPU. Seniors will have their tux/drape image in the yearbook, undergrads will have their "LinkedIn" image used for the yearbook.

HPU did not pay for any prints or other images. If you wish to attain these they can be purchased from within your gallery. Prints will be mailed to an address of your choosing, digital copies should be available for immediate download. They will not have the large T&M brand watermark that you see on the gallery images.


If you are interested in buying prints with the replaced backgrounds, let us know, and we will gladly replace the backgrounds with the options you see below at no extra cost.

Thanks for this opportunity to serve,

Tom and Mandy - T&M Photography



Announcements & Portrait Sessions

We are now offering Graduation Announcements using the images we have captured. Please go to our Graduation Announcements page for details.

We also can be invited on campus for private Senior portrait sessions! Check out our Portraits page for prices and call or email us us to schedule a session.

Student Galleries

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