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Here you can find your photos and purchase prints that will be shipped to your door!

If you are searching for our print prices, you can find the basics below. For all of the print options available, choose an event, then a gallery, choose a photo, click buy above the photo, and browse all the many size, mount, and treatment options we offer! We offer everything from wallet-sized prints to humongus canvas prints to even t-shirts and mugs. All at very competitive prices!

Please allow 10 business days for your photos to be uploaded. If you are unable to locate your photos feel free to contact us!

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Tom and Mandy - T&M Photography


HPU Students/Parents

Here is where you can find your "LinkedIn" and/or yearbook photos

Print Prices

Standard Lustre or Glossy Prints with no mounting

8 Wallets             $10.00

4"x5" or 4"x6"     $6.00

5"x7"                     $7.00

8"x10"                  $10.00

11"x14"                $14.00

16"x20"                $24.00

24"x30"                $60.00

24"x36"                $96.00

...many other sizes and paper options available.

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