Church Directories and Sports Packages - T&M Photography of Asheboro

Church Directories Service

With this service, there is no charge to the church. We will work with the church to setup times for the photo shoots and we ask that the church posts sign-up sheets, helps with scheduling families for their shoot times, and collects the info that will be in the directory. After we have completed all the sessions, we will edit and choose the best image for the directory and for the family's included print. We will create the digital file (PDF file) of the directory. We DO NOT print the directories. The church can then choose to print the directories themselves or have a printer of their choosing to print them.

What you get:

     (1) 8"x10" Lustre or Glossy print for each participating family

     (1) PDF file of the directory for the church

     1 private Gallery for families to purchase more prints

What you pay:   Each family is charged $20


Sports Packages

There is no charge to the team for the group photo. We will work with the coaches to arrange a time when all the players can be available for the team shot. Afterwards, we will offer individual portraits for each player, for a fee. Coaches will be responsible for collecting permission slips from parents/guardians for minors to participate.

What you get:

     (1) 8"x10" Lustre or Glossy Print of the Team shot for $15

     (1) 8"x10" Lustre or Glossy Print of the Team and (2) 8"x10" prints of individual posses for $25

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